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W Kehoe [F/S Coxwain 4014874]
Passed away suddenly 16 September 2005.. Served on Gan November 1967 to November 1968. Joined the MCU in 1947 after being in the Royal Navy during the War. Left the RAF in 1974 after 27 years service
Arthur Frederick Potts
Passed away in 1988.. Arthur served on Gan as either a Sgt or C/T in 1962 - 1963 in the LOX section.
Ted Bedwell
Passed away in 2011.. Ted was a Sgt Cox'n with Marine Craft on the Pinnace in 1974 -1975. We wrote a book called "Swinging the Lamp" about his 22 years service on Marine Craft and wrote some interesting articles about happenings on Gan.
Michael Ashton Kenny
Served on Gan early 1970's.. Passed away July 2010
Peter Frederick Sutton  [SAC Electrical Mech (Air) SASF 1967]
Passed away October 17th 2007 aged 60 years, after suffering from Pancreatic Cancer for some time.

I [Nick Bale] knew Pete from that time as I was also stationed on Gan as an Aircraft Electrician on SASF 66-67.  I didn't meet him again until 1994 when I went to work at A&AEE Boscombe Down and found Pete was already working there as an HPTO. 
I attended Peter's Funeral at Salisbury Crematorium on 26th October 2007 and also a Thanksgiving Service that followed at Tisbury Church.

Bill Easy  [Medical Officer/Anaesthetist]
Served on Gan in 1974 ( I think). See his obituary in the Herald newspaper ( Glasgow ) if you Google "William Easy". I was his Junior Medical Officer colleague at RAF Waddington in 1973/ 1974. [Mike Law ( Flt Lt - MO - Waddington, SHAPE, Leuchars 1973-1977)

Tony Player
Passed away suddenly 15th January 2009. Did two tours on Gan, the last being 1973/74. He loved that place. Retired as a Warrant Officer. Last place of
duty was RAF Valley.  [Dorne Coyne (Daughter)]

Terry Tank
I [Gerry Brown] did hear that Terry Tank passed away late last year but have been unable to confirm.  Terry served with me on Gan 1974/75. Any more information welcome.

Peter 'Ziggy' Zegveldt
Served on Gan in 1975-76 as Sgt in the Termite Commcen. Well known for his walking prowess (see Dave Rose's photos) and was even awarded a '1,000 Miles Walking' Shield by the C.O. It was estimated that this was a conservative estimate of the mileage he covered walking around Gan.
Sadly passed away on 14 February 2004 and buried in Coney Hill cemetery, Gloucester, UK.
His wife, Betty, is still going strong but he is missed every day by all that knew him including myself, his son-in-law and best friend.

George Hall
My stepdad George Hall served on Gan in 72/73 approx. He was either a Staff Sergeant or WO2 in the Signals. He adored the place and said that his best ever curry was in Gan.  After Gan he moved to NI and met my mum and they lived happily ever after until he died in 2000.
If anyone remembers George (big Scottish guy with little hair and fewer teeth, loved rugby) would you please contact me.
Many thanks, Colin Rafferty.
Martin (Geordie) Small
Served on Gan 1975/76. Passed away October 2009 at his home in Harrogate. Fondly remembered by all who knew him, member of the 'Toon Army', loved his fishing. A Full Blooded SIGGIE. Remembered with affection especially by Hodgy and Nobby.. RIP.
Ivor Evans
Served on Gan around 58/59.  Passed away in 2002

Skene Thomas Hanson [MCU]
Passed away
4th January 2008. Skene served on Gan at 1125 MCU. 74/75, I met Skene on Gan, he was senior SAC MBC on Pinnace 1382. Later Skene was promoted to Corporal on completion of his Coxswains course at RAF Mount Batten Plymouth. Skene was a popular Guy and a good friend to many. I kept in touch with Skene and his family all the time. Skene is and will be missed for a long time. I was at our ASR Club Reunion this May (2008) Absent friends toast called and the one name we called out was SKENE HANSON.

David Mann [Medical]
erved at Gan, '69 - '70,

Leslie Chadwick [Supplier]
Originally from Dunton Basset, Leicester, joined the RAF in 1957 as an Admin Apprentice at Hereford. Served on Gan sometime in the mid sixties. Passed away in 2001.

Gerald Clarke (Gerry)

Served as an Air Traffic Controller at RAF Gan.  Died in his hometown of Glasgow in 1997 at Gartnavel Hospital. 
Les Munton [Corporal]
Passed Away 1988. Served on Gan in the 60's

Eddie Lynch - [Siggie]
Passed away November 2007 at Hillingdon Hospital

John Budgen  - [WO ACB]
Passed away 10/6/03 aged 90.
Stationed on Gan Late 50's Then later as a Civilian MPBW during the 60's

William (Bill) Corbridge - [Registered Nurse]
Served in Gan 1964 to 1965
Passed away 6th Jan 2008

John (Taff) Parry
Sorry to say but my dad served in Gan 72-73 and has passed away, he died of cancer on 29 May 1998. If any one has photos of him please could youu scan them and send me copies to
Evan Parry My dad was John Parry or Taff Parry. He was in ground radio.
Bill Shannon
My father Bill Shannon was a civil service meteorologist on Gan during 1961, sadly he passed away on his return to Edinburgh shortly afterwards in January 1962 whilst working at RAF Turnhouse.
Alistair Shannon.


Raymond Bruce
I had a brother Raymond Bruce (nickname Curly or Commanchie) Raymond was a SAC  with the MCU section but sorry I have no date of his time there. On leaving the Air Force Raymond became a fisherman based in Lossiemouth Scotland.  Sadly Raymond's boat (Sapphire) was lost at sea with all hands on September 15th 1977. Raymond had fond memories of Gan and is sadly missed by all the family.
Alan H. Bruce
25 Heldon Place
IV30 6YS
Tel: + 44 (0) 1343 548 148

Trevor Haycock
Trevor passed away peacefully on Saturday 15th April 2006. Served with MCU on Gan 1967-1968, a larger than life contributor to this site, he will be sorely missed.
Reg Carey
Served 9 months in Gan in 1973. He worked at Radio Gan. I can recall an interview with Ken Dodd that he made that year, unfortunately the tapes have one missing. He died in December 1999.

Al (Geordie) Patterson
Al started his RAF life at Cosford in the 303rd Craft Apprentice Entry. Even in training he excelled and apart from taking part in many activities he became the Warrant Officer Apprentice of the entry. Always extremely popular to the day of his death from cancer on Sunday 19 March 2006 aged 57.
Over the past 4 years the 303rd entry has been holding reunions and the last time we all saw Al together was in Gloucester at a bash organised by Bob (Taff) Mace, we all have very fond memories of him. Al leaves a widow in Norfolk and many sad friends.

Stewart Tideswell
Ex 41st Entry Tel, served on the island 1963/64 in both Commcen and Stations Sigs.

Stew died in his sleep in the early hours of 7th July 2006 while on shore leave, he was Radio Op on the rig Sedco 711 stationed in the Atlantic

Ron Pound
My father, Ron Pound, was medical/secretarial by trade and thus ran the sick quarters at Gan - or at least, that is what he told us!  He was there in 1960/61 and may have been a Chief Tech or possibly a Flt Sgt but cannot remember. I am his eldest son (Ray). Ron died in September 1986 after complications following a routine operation. His ashes were laid to rest in Halton village church, close to RAF Halton where he served for two postings in the mid 1960's and early 1970's. He was active until his untimely death and always had fond memories of RAF Gan

Arthur David (Andy) Walker BEM, MSM, MBE. Ex Warrant Officer Innsworth
Died suddenly on Sunday 14th May 2006 in Gloucester Royal Hospital, aged 72 years, much loved husband of Margaret, Father of Carol and Ian, Granpa to Allice, Brother of Rita, Ken and Terry.
Funeral serviceheld in Tewkesbury Abbey at 2.30pm on Tuesday 23rd May, followed by internment at St. Mary's Church, Norton.

 John Walker
John Walker, served on RAF Gan in 1962. He was WO in charge of the fire section. He passed away in 1997 in Zimbabwe where he had lived since 1968. He had very fond memories of his time on Gan.

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