Your Enquiries
As I receive a numerous requests to locate ex-service, especially ex-Gannites and other general enquiries, I thought a page dedicated to just that might help.  Here are just a few that I have received. Updates will be as and when.

I apologise for intruding on your website. I am not a Gannite, although I did serve in the RAF in the late 1950s /early 60s.  I was a dog-handler stationed at RAF Scampton.
One of my interests now-a-days is building model vehicles and converting existing models into RAF versions. I am currently building a metal model of a Reef Rescue Alvis Stalwart, which I understand was in use on RAF Gan. I wonder if anyone who served there has any recollection of this unique vehicle (I believe there were two) or if any photographs of it exist.
I would be grateful for any assistance.

Harry Munro

Hello to all past Gan Guys,
I'm trying to find anyone who was at RAF Gan on 26 Feb 1966 and who remembers the Victor (XL513) landing with a bomb bay fire. It was flying from Tengah back to the UK. I was following in a Vulcan as reserve aircraft for the Victor's on board VIP.

I've seen a photo on the internet, somewhere in the past of the Crew Chief or other standing outside the sorry looking aircraft. It was just as I had seen it at the time after we in the Vulcan landed. Can Anyone, possibly those in the Fire Section at Gan shed anymore light on this incident and direct me to where I can find the elusive photo. I know what we were told at Gan on that day and I also know what the MOD said after I enquired many years later. Slight difference in stories !



Anthony 'Tony' Wright

I saw a post from a David John Green looking for people he worked with in Singapore. One name he mentioned was Jeapes who I believe is my father. Do you have a way I can contact him?  

Any one else looking for a Jeapes?


Jayne Grace nee Jeapes


Hello there!! I'm praying you can help me, I'm trying to trace my late fathers RAF history. He served all over the UK but was for a while posted at RAF Gan. I remember as a small child him showing me photographs etc, I believe it must have been late 60's early 70's. His name was Brian Liddle. I believe he was a SGT and a technician. I do somewhere have his service number on his death certificate and just wondered if you could help at all?

Regards A G Liddle


I have just found your site by chance. I was based on Gan in 1957/58 while the main runway was being built by Costains Civil Engineering, the only transport aircraft that could land were the Vickers Valetta, and they used to land on a temporary crushed coral runway across the island, they flew from RAF Negombo in Ceylon (as it was then) I have a few photographs that I took from the air so that the whole island can be seen with both runways visible, and some that I took on the ground, we used to refuel the Valettas from 45gallon drums, as their fuel range only just allowed them the single flight, and there was a point of "no return" which once passed meant they had to keep going, regardless of what the weather was like at either end, I don't suppose that would be allowed these days !!!

I am now 74 years old, so if anyone would like any copies of photographs or colour slides please let me know, as I am sure that my inheritors will throw all of this lot in the nearest skip when I am gone ! 

Regards    Frederick Simpson-Place 

Enquiry/Memories  Gail Darnley  << CLICK HERE >>
Hi, my name is Steve Frith, I'm trying to trace my farther  past service history.
his service no was 4002996 Cpl Harry frith that was in Seletar Singapore.
However I do know he served in Gan in the early 60’s as an aerial erector and helped out on radio Gan, i have seen some old cine pics of him.
I’m trying to find any pics of me dad from Gan, but not having any success, wondering if you can help me in any way.
yours hopefully.
On the flight home from Gan we stopped somewhere in the Gulf before continuing on to Cyprus.  Can anyone confirm the location ?


Mike Joss

You need to understand that, for me, Gan was, if not  the end all of all things interesting, certainly a period in my life that I enjoyed and wanted to repeat, but the authorities were not on the same wavelength. I would have gone back, but that was not to be.

However, one person, I had come across previously, and arrived there eventually, was this Corporal from the Signals Section, Dave Goatley. Fine fellow, kind of chap you would boast of knowing, but unfortunately, after I left, lost all contact. I am taling ‘71/’72 time. 

So that, if you have any information, I would be most grateful. 

Lindsay B. Louise

Phil, please pass to Mike Butler,

I am trying to establish when and where the British Loyalty was converted to from Diesel/electric to steam driven – I dived the loyalty in 2004 and 5 and believe that I have photographic confirmation of a triple expansion steam engine installed in the engine room.

If anybody can shed light on this I would be very grateful.

David B Ball   [Tel: 01296622378 - Fax: 01296582347 - Mob: 07717221780]

Hi, I am database manager for Club Log, www.clublog.org/about.php and would appreciate any information about any amateur (ham) radio operations from RAF Gan.
I am looking for call sign, dates of operation, name of operator, and a scan of QSL card.
All help will be appreciated and acknowledged in the Club Log entry for the relevant call sign.



Dear Friends,   I am looking for a person who new anything about the Lieutenant William Charles Abbot Meade RNVR. His rank would have been amended to Captain on transfer to the Royal Air Force. On 1st April 1918.
I understand Ronald V. Dodds wrote under the heading “ Marooned in the Indian ocean. About him and his trip on 21 April by Short seaplane. To search the area between Male and Ari Atoll in the Maldives, where he hit sudden storm and lost mother ship Raven II.
Regards, Hassan Saeed  (Maldives.)
Please could you give any info on my old mate David Mann served with him in Germany as well as Gan. Thanks

John Tank

Greetings, Like several other of your contributors I found your web-site whilst looking for a “chuff chart”. I was at RAF Gan initially in the communications centre and then attached to the MCU and “Search and Rescue” . I was also there when the 1st VC10 arrived., I remember us all sitting with our mugs of tea waiting for it to miss the runway.  

I have a video of this and also a “burial at sea”
Does this give anyone an idea of when I was there ??? 


Allen Joyce

I am looking for an old RAF pal whom I was with at Compton Bassett in early 1960. His name is Tony Liptrot from the Wigan area. We were both trainee teleprinter operators. At the end of our course Tony was posted to RAF Gan and I went to RAF Valley, on Anglesey. We lost touch at that time, but a few years later about 1970. I happened to meet him in Blackpool, but we never exchanged addresses and lost touch again. I wonder if he is still around.


Old friend John Bailey RAF no 5074027.

Any references to (navigator) Brian Gee, CO (I think) of RAF Gan at sometime in the late 60s-70s? He and I trained together at Winnipeg.

Peter Osborn 

Hello, just wondered if anyone remembers my dad, Tony Robinson who was in Gan for 9 months in, I think, 1973-4, as I had just started school. He died in 2006 of cancer, but he always talked about Gan and I wish he had known about this website! I still have a treasured box of shells from Gan, and can still smell the flowers he sent home in his letters.  Karen Rolls

Hi there, Came across your super website, this has got to be the place to ask!Attached are a couple of photos of an item that I picked up at a car boot recently. As you can see a decorative tray with a map of Gan, measures 11" x 7" approx.


Well made, chunky polished aluminium surround, the base also appears to be metal, nice printed detail etc.  Judging from the style of it, plus the Comet and  what look to be a flight of Brit's passing by, 1950s / 60s vintage.

Just wondered if you have seen one of these before and can give me any info as to it's history place of manufacture etc?     

Many thanks in anticipation,  Chris Michell.  Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Fascinating website for us former Gannites!  I served there in 1972/3 in Supply Squadron with the fuels service. A lowly LAC 19 year old then. What I became more synonymous with though was Radio Gan where I presented several shows and a weekly blockbuster on Sundays called "The Bobby Smith Show"  I have some tapes from that time and few photo's I must dig out.

I remember few peoples names but if anyone knows the whereabouts of Ian Pinder (Cpl) who worked on the station also. I remember "Ian Mac" I think he went under the name of and did a show.  Also a met office civilian "Hughie ........." a big gentle giant with bushy beard - a great friend to me.

Love to make contact with any of them or anyone who remembers them...One of my abiding memories is falling drunk into the storm ditches late at night trying to find our billets!  Snorkelling and going beyond the reef. Stone fish!  Fish curries made with lots of freshly caught colourful fish by locals!  I assisted "Ken Dodd" on his visit to entertain the troops and interviewed him for Radio Gan.

Driving the jeep round the Island for something to do late at night like a maniac during the nightshift at the fuel supply squadron. Cockroaches crawling all over the mess kitchen floor when you put the light on! Unloading the fuel tankers with the 'floating' pipeline.

So many memories. Would love to share with anyone. Email me anytime at: DocHolidaysUSA@msn.com

Best wishes to all Gannites.

Hi Moonies everywhere,  Do you know if the Siggies plan another reunion in the near future. I'm an ex-Stn Sigs Teleprinter Op from 1969-70

My name is Russell Ives alias Big Burl.  I was at SWCC on A Watch before I was posted to Gan and I got MOD Harrogate on return.

If you can let me know if there is anything planned. Reunion having !


I would like to add a photo of my Grandmother's brother Colin Hall whom I would like to find out about. He used to fly for the RAF from England to Kroonstad RSA delivering spitfires and I have NO idea where to begin. He was a younger brother so must have been born approx 1912 

How do I do this and can you assist me? Please?  Chris & Karen

Hi, I am looking for anyone who may have any recollections of my father, Eric Tunnicliffe, who worked as a Civil Engineer on the construction of the runway at Gan between 1956 and 1959. Sadly my father passed away last week and I have only just found this site while I was doing some research on his career. We do have some slides showing Gan in those days which I will try to get scanned an and sent to you. 

Many thanks 

Nigel Tunnicliffe


Hi There..
I have just found your GAN remembered site. I  found to my surprise I feature in some of the photos posted by Mike Spencer.  The three pictures of RAF GAN football teams I am the goalkeeper Mike Holloway in all three. I was in Commcen during my tour in 1970 and new Mike Spencer very well.  I also feature in several of the second batch of 59 that Mike posted. I have not been in touch with Mike, so Mike if you read this message or anyone else on the football team, station on section teams or anyone from Commcen that remembers me, it would be great to get in touch.


Mike Holloway

Hi Phil, 

I see an entry by Brian Spurway re the Dakota on Gan in 1959. He is asking for photos. I have two on the site which he could download, but I have a spare print of three of the Dakota's ground crew and myself prior to me being taken up for a flight. I could either send it or email it. Perhaps you will give him my email address and he may wish to get in touch. Thanks. sorry, but my computer will not let me contact you through the web site.


Ian Morrison

Hi there, My father worked for RAF in Gan between 1960 – 1976. I am the youngest of the five children of my family. During the 8th month of pregnancy after I was conceived in 1972, my mother had an unknown medical problem which resulted in excessive bleeding and eventually she fell unconscious. A team of about 10 men, all of them family relatives including my maternal uncle, sailed off to Gan which is about 8 miles away, on a rowboat from my island (Midu) in the hope of seeing an RAF doctor.

My mother had stopped breathing almost half way into the trip and the notables onboard thought she had passed away and advised to sail back. My uncle insisted that he would not go back unless the death was confirmed by a doctor at the RAF hospital in Gan. The trip continued and my mother was attended by a young doctor, who successfully helped her to give birth to the baby who is me. This was 16th of October 1972, Monday morning.

I would like to contact the doctor and talk to him and if appropriate thank him. I know he is Scottish. He went to Maldives on holiday in 1998 and met my uncle (Adnan Mohamed Didi). I was in UK at that time so, did not have the chance to see him. Also I know he has a son who was born in the same year. 

I wonder if he is still living. If I am not wrong he is of the same age as my mother who is now 64.


I. Saeed

I am trying to locate an old mate from the RAF.
He was known as Al Galloway was an Armourer at RAF Marham 1968 -1974ish.

A Scottish guy full name being Albert I think. 

Any info greatly received 


Alan Myson  07887 744 847

I remember reading somewhere that Waheed, the police cleaner / room boy had a shop in Male. Does anyone have any further info as I am visiting shortly and would love to meet him again. I was Dog Strangler in Chief in 1970 and had a great time. John Rose was the boss for most of my time and absolutely brilliant. No wonder he went on to greater things.


Geoff Phillips

Is there any chance you could let me have Malcolm Cox's e- mail address please as he is an old mate of mine who I lost touch with in the 1980s I've left a reply to his message on the guest page but he didn't leave his e mail address there. 


Malcolm, could you pass your e-mail address to Ron, I cannot find it.

Ron Brown

Hi There, Wonderful to have found this site 41 years after I was stationed there in 1969. 
I have just read a posting from John Barter - do you have a contact e-mail for him as I met him in a folk club in Singars while on a junket from Gan in 1969, and then again at a folk club in Blackpool while on leave from my Gan return and then found out that he was posted to the same station as myself, namely RAF Leeming.

Mick Lount
One of the Links you have on your site is to a site by Ian Hunt, however my e-mails to him keep being returned.
On his site he has  2 photos for RAF Gan SASF.
One of the gentlemen in the photograph is my father.

His name was Richard "Duke" Earl and he was a sooty, in both photographs he is stood below the white post to the left of the photo. Whilst he was serving at RAF Gan I was but 4yrs old and living in Cornwall as he had previously been at RAF St Mawgan.

He finally retired from the RAF in 1999 at RAF Lossiemouth and settled down in Elgin.Unfortunately he passed away in 2002 at the age of 58.

If you have anyone knew him or possibly has any photos it would be great to see them. 

Antony Earl
Avionics Sgt
3(F) Sqn
RAF Coningsby

Dear Friend,

I worked on RAF . Gan from 1960 to 1976. After British pull out from Gan I lost contact of all my friends.

I am wondering if any one can trace the following personnel of M.P.B.W. (Civilian) who (as a team) played a vital roll on maintenance of RAF. Gan and RAF Hithadhoo as well:

Mr. David Charles Bluff. ( wife is Margret) with two children.)
MR. Daniel Hillon.

Hassan Saeed

00960 7706881.


Hello,  My father, Dr Stanley Goodman was the air force doctor in Gan in 1957/8. Gan and the Maldives made an enormous impression on him and all his life he talked very fondly of his time spent there. Gan particularly preoccupied his thoughts before he died in 1997. We have a very interesting account he wrote of his time there and, more importantly an enormous collection of wonderful slides. Are you interested in them? How best should we, his family, use your fantastic site to make connections and hopefully find a good home / use for all this memorabilia ?

I look forward to hearing from you. Alison, [please e-Mail me re: info.. Phil]

With best wishes and kind regards

Alison Goodman

Hi There,  GERALD CLARKE (Gerry)

Served as an Air Traffic Controller at RAF Gan.  Died in his hometown of Glasgow in 1997 at Gart Naval Hospital.  Unfortunately I don't have an indication of his time in Gan but was most definitely between 1960 - early 70's.  If anybody remembers him or has any photos of him it would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me.

Stephanie Clarke

My husband, John Green, served for a year on Gan from 1958-59. 
He has told me that he saw mention of a special
RAF Gan tie.  Does this exist?  If so I would be very grateful if you could tell me where to find one.
Many thanks.

Does anyone remember Corporal Peter (Jim) Burrow (Headingley, West Yorkshire), in Gan during the '60s. Famous for doing a Jimmy Saville impression on Radio Gan?

Keen to obtain pictures/stories.

Mark Burrow  [Nephew]

I was scanning the web for old expatriate friends (incl. ex-army and RAF) this evening and I noticed a ‘Stewart Tideswell’ listed as deceased on the Gan website. I would be interested to know if this is the same person who also served in Saudi Arabia in the 70’s with the Royal Saudi Air Force (we all worked for Lockheed, a contractor to the RSAF).

I haven’t been in contact with the said ST since I left Saudi, but having met his family once, I would like my condolences passed on – if it is the same ST.

Kind regards

Eric Coles


Hi, I have just been looking at your site and what a lot of great memories it brought back. I recognised the names of Iain Harwood and Chas Jordan from 1969/70 era.

My name is Russell Ives "Big Burl" and I was an SAC in Station Siggies, played in goal in our highly successful 5 a side football team. I also recognised Bob Brown who was a WOP on Flt Watch on my shift I worked once or twice with Iain Harwood. I was posted to Gan from SWCC at Rudloe Manor where I was on "A" Watch, Sgt was Bill Feddon who flew out with me, last seen at Muharraq as he went to Masirah or Sharjah.

It would be great to hear from anyone from my time on Gan, it was a great posting.

Thank you

"Big Burl" Ives

I notice on your "Enquiries" page a message from a Hank Mobley who was asking if anyone remembered a Bill Bailey of the Army Signals who was on Gan in the early 60's.

I cannot email him direct from the page so I wonder if you could forward this onto him.

I was on Gan in 1961 / 1962 and played in a Group called the Savages in the Gan Christmas Show of 1962.

One member of the group was a Bill Baily so I am sure it must be the same man.

I have a photograph of the cast of that show so I would appreciate it if you could pass this message on to Hank Mobley.


Dave Lonergan

Hi there, hopefully you may be able to help. An elderly friend of mine who doesn't have a computer is hoping to track down an old friend of hers from the late 60s/early 70s.

His name is Derek Thornley and he was a Corporal at that time at Chivenor.

She thinks he was then stationed at Gan in Jan 1972. If you do have the contact details of former members I imagine you won't be able to give them out due to privacy laws, but I hope I may be able to send you my friend's details which you could then pass on to Mr Thornley.


Ollie Doward


My father who is recently deceased told me that he was in Gan . I am not sure of the dates but he would have been about 18 to 23 years old. It was possibly around about 1969 to 1975 his name is David Reid birth date 8 February 1949. I have looked at your site quite a few times but have found nothing. I was just wandering if you could verify that he was there. I have been told that he was a radio communicator of some description. I would be grateful if you have any information .

Miss J Reid (daughter)


Hello, in 1969, I flew on a Britannia from Singapore bound for Masirah, the tail caught fire and we had to land in Gan.

I wonder if anyone remembers the incident, or has photographs of the aircraft, as I remember, the tail was completely gutted.

Anyway we had a couple great days there.



Hi, I am Ernie Rackham, and served On Gan Island back in 1957 -58, l was in the Royal Signals Special Air Formation Troop,  (Cable jointer Lineman) I was just wondering if there are any of the lads from that time still alive and kicking


Ernie Rackham

I was on board HMS Laymoor in Gan in 1960.  We were there for three or four weeks mooring the Wave Victor.  Do any of your members have any photos of us while we were there?


Eddie Day

Hello, my name is Philip Moore and I was detached to RAF Gan for two months in Dec 1969 until Feb 1970.  A fabulous experience working on security with the RAFP.  I have just found an old mate of mine listed in 1970 by the name of Clive Pellet.  Unable to contact him by clicking on his name.

If it’s possible for the powers that be to get him to contact me I would be grateful.

Phil Moore


Hi, I came across the RAF Gan Remembered site while looking for information on Wilingili and wonder if any of your readers can help?  Whilst sorting through some papers of my late mother in law (no jokes please - I used to call her the 'outlaw' which is a bit like an in-law but only wanted), I found a certificate presented to her when she was an operating theatre sister on a hospital ship in the Far East during the second world war.  This certificate granted her (and presumably the other crew members) the freedom of Wilingili.
I know that the place is a tiny atoll near to Gan and this may be a locally produced 'spoof' certificate.  It is dated 19th May 1943 so I doubt if there is anyone out there who will remember that day with any clarity but perhaps someone reading this can shed a bit of light on this matter.
Many thanks.

David Powell (ex Army but worked in an Air Despatch unit in the Far East during Confrontation)

I was not at Gan. (only born 1954) However I sailed with a Wg Cdr Chris Stone (retired) in 1973/1974 on an Elders and Fyffes ship called the MOTAGUA. He returned as 2nd mate and I was 3rd mate.  He taught me a lot . We lost contact. I do not know whether he is still live – if he is, he must be in his 90’s ?   He used to tell me of the things he did in Gan and what he and he ‘crew’ did. He obtained his “masters ticket” before joining the RAF Marine Section.

I don’t know whether he is the same person but there can’t be that many Chris Stone’s  ex RAF about?

I would be interested to know whether it is the same person and what happened to him The photos certainly look like him ( but younger). I have one photo of him on the Motagua taken in 1974.

Hope you can help


Leslie Richmond

Hi... John (Chas) Owen left an enquiry looking for myself, Hamish Littlejohn, and a few others.

Unfortunately he did not leave an email link. Any way you can forward my email to him ?

Thanks in anticipation,

Hamish Littlejohn

I am sure that I served with Brian Raper (just looked at his photos on this website). I served with him RAF Gan communication centre in 1960/61. I am sure he was the young ex boy entrant on my watch while I was doing my National Service. I wonder if he remembers me as we only met for a few months all those years ago.  I have just found your web site and I have found it very interesting. Brian was very good at typing, and I am still no good and my wife is doing this for me now. 

Terry Poole

Hi My name is Vince Bullen and I have been browsing the website and come across a couple of pictures of my father Gerry Bullen, front row 3rd from right (ex SGT ), alongside his mates at Gan Radio in 1976.

Not sure where he worked whilst he was on Gan  
[He worked in 6 Signals Unit.. Webmaster] but would love to hear from anyone who remembers him !


Vince Bullen ( currently Cpl in RAF at Lyneham )

Hi, I am looking for firemen who were stationed on Gan in 1969 and 1970 for my father.. Paul Flannery.. Anyone who recognised the name please contact:-

Rachel Flannery

Does anyone remember Flt Lt Thomas Murray?  Tom served on RAF Gan from 1969 to 1970 as an Educator.  His previous posting was at RAF Halton, teaching Aerodynamics.  Please contact:-

Suzanne Murray


I’d like to know if anyone remembers Bill Baillie (Army, Royal Signals) who was on Gan for almost a year in the early 60's. 


He often reminisces about his time on the island (especially the football) and it would be great to hear from anyone who knew him at the time.

Hank Mobley

Hi, I served on RAF Gan 1966 -1967 in the MT Section.. Would like to find and contact old mates..


Paul Hilton  [nickname Ted] 

My name is Ismail Rasheed the youngest son of Mr. Reki Futha who employed in Her Britannic Majesty's PSA/DOE at the island of RAF Gan from 3rd April 1963 to 22nd April 1976 as a MT Driver (Heavy) and his check No is 190. 

I am written this because my father passed away suddenly on the 10th day of December 1977 a few months after your withdrawal and I was only15 months old None of our family or my father's friends or anyone got any kind of picture of him. I have tried my whole life to get a picture of him and so far I couldn't get anything except his leaving certificate, issued on 22nd January 1976.

Therefore I kindly request your good self's to help me to find a picture of my father (who even couldn't remember the face of his own father), or any other person who can help me to get a picture of my father. From the words of my mother, my father's ID card has been taken from a British man who worked in the admin office. No one knows who he was!!!

I hope you will help me on this matter and I am waiting for a quick replay from you.


Thank you in advance.


             Ismail Rasheed


I have just visited your site and noticed the name Keith Armitage who was responsible for some of the photographs being present on your site.  Keith and I were posted to 6SU on Gan for almost the identical period (May 74 – Jan 75), he being a proper Nailbender in the 5 Unit Workshops and me the “Tame Shiney” in 6 SU Eng Co-ord.  We were both accommodated in the Nailbenders’ Barrack Block.  Do you have his email address?  If you do, I would appreciate it if you could forward this to him and then he can reply to me if he wishes.  If you do not have his email address could you reply and let me know?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Best Regards

Malcolm “Eddy” Edmunds

I have been in contact with Robbie Cozens over the last couple of years. Whilst we never actually never met, we have  had lots of people in common, Unfortunately, a severe crash following the rebuild of my computer, means that I have lost my list of correspondents. Now back on line, I would very much like to restart my link with this gent. Googling for him has brought up your site, and very nearly got me to forget all about Robbie, in my reading of the extraordinary letters and notes on the various sites. Interesting, because I was there 70/71, having arrived in a state of query and having left, after 12 months trying to forget, I forget what, exactly. 

My email addresses are as follows:

Lenny Louise.
I was on Gan 66/67 in Catering flight and was a member of the Station Rugby team during my time there .I am posting this photo of the team and would like to hear from anyone who can put names to the faces on the photo. I am fourth from left on the back row and my name is John Sloan. If anyone wants to contact me with this info or any other matter just e mail me at gan180@aapt.net.au and I will respond. Click On Photo For Enlargement
Thanks for your great web site. It is thanks to your web site that I have been able to meet up with an old mate after 40 years what a great time that was.
Best Regards.  John Sloan, Adelaide SA   

Hi, just found your RAF GAN website. My Father served in Gan, I have a Pewter Mug Inscribed  "Presented To Paddy Knox, From Sgt's Mess, RAF GAN, Maldives, August 1960 

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew my Father, Full Name David John Knox, I believe he was a Sergeant Coxswain. Any photos would be appreciated.
Samuel Knox

A shot in the dark, really. do you know of anyone who can remember a Mr. Lesley Kemp, who, I think was the NAAFI manager on the Island during the 50s?

Tony Van Dort

Mystery postcard ?
Going through my Gan photo collection I came across a postcard with an aerial shot of Gan from Villigili end. I remember finding it in a book (crime novel) I purchased a few years ago from a charity shop. It is addressed to a Sqn Ldr & Mrs. CD Andrewartha (A good Cornish name) and was sent by a Babs and Derek, probably from Gan. They were obviously travelling home from somewhere 4 hours East? of Gan and their next stop was Nicosia and then to Lyneham. So, obviously RAF. Anyone have any ideas? Would either couple like the card back as a souvenir? Please e-mail  Frank Hugo if interested

I am looking for any information regarding RAF Chef Corp John Angus (known as Ian) who toured in Gan during 1971. If you knew him or have any photographs of his time in Gan I would be very interested in contacting you. I am his son in law and I am doing this research on behalf of his daughter and grandsons. Sadly Ian died in 1979 and I never actually got to meet him so any leads would be appreciated.


Kevin Jonas

Does anyone know the whereabouts or E-mail address of Keith Shale, who used to work with me on my watch in  6SU comcen ("the madhouse" ) in 1973 - 74 ?

Best Wishes

Paul Forge

I am looking for any information on SAC Mick Ward, Supply Flight on Gan April 1970 to April 1971. Can anyone help please?

Gareth Canaway

Hi came across your great web site of RAF Gan... My father (sadly deceased in 2005), was on RAF Gan when they closed the island down. He was a Cpl cook in the catering flight. His name was Stan Eddy but allot of guys he was friendly with usually called him Taff Eddy as he came from the Rhondda...  The reason why I am sending this e-mail to you is to see whether anyone on your web site can remember my father, who was challenged by a young twenty something guy to a race around the island as he did not believe that my father could out run him. Of course my father won the race and the young guy had egg on his face. Hope someone remembers my father.

Clayton Eddy

Hi, Over the past 17 years I have spent quite a bit of time in Addu, much of it on Gan, studying the reefs. It would be useful to know when the main pier was put in. From the website I think I can narrow it down to after 1958 and before ca. 1972. I wonder if anyone can help me out on this?




Bill Allison   

Does anyone remember my brother Cliff Jones who served on Gan in 1968 (Air Movements). A picture of him is in Gerry Robinson’s photo gallery. It is the first photo (entitled Air Movements). Cliff is on the front row, second from the left. Sadly, Cliff died in May 1994 after battling cancer for 18 months. He was only 46. Before he passed away, he had 2 wishes:-

1.  To fly with the Red Arrows!!!. Understandably, the MOD wouldn’t allow this, but they did arrange for us to spend an unforgettable day at RAF Scampton with the team.

2.  To return to the Maldives. He went there in April 1994 on holiday, despite being quite poorly and had a marvellous time.

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers Cliff and who has special memories of Gan 1968. 

Bill Jones

This is a long shot, but I have tried quite a few other avenues. My last father was a chief engineer in the late 40s-early 60’s for a Liverpool shipping company called the British and Continental Steamship Company.

Their last three steamers were sold to Maldives and Indian owners, in the early mid sixties. They were originally called the Ardetta, Bittern and Clangula.

One was renamed Ocean Princess, I can’t remember what the other two were renamed. I have photos of these vessels in Uk waters, but have always wanted prints of them in the Far east, under new ownership. Can anyone help?

Bob Hughes  

I was recently looking at your site and saw the pictures of Larry (Geordie) Dodds, and Mick both of whom I had the pleasure to meet when they came to Gan in early 2006. I would like to keep in touch and was hoping you could provide some details to do that.

Myself and others are here in Addu, managing the building of the new Shangri-La resort and we were able to take them over to the Island to view the progress. We enjoyed the stories and the company and look forwards to the next time!

Kind Regards

Robert Poole
Director - Project Development
Shangri-La Maldives  
Villingili Island 
Pre-Opening Office
c/o Addu Investments
1st Floor, STO Aifaanu Building
Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Male, Maldives
Tel: (960) 332 1715
Fax:(960) 332 1722
Email: robert.poole@shangri-la.com
Website: www.shangri-la.com

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Yan Tumai.   He was a Nurse on Gan with me in 1971.  We were both involved in the Vaccination program that took place on Villingili.   I still have his 'Gan Tie' which was not available when he left the island.  Putting him in touch would be appreciated.

Jon Gettens

Just looked at some of your photos the ones Colin Hall posted for Gan 73/74 I know some of the people in them! can you please give me Colin's email!! please!! I was in the catering section at this time! I remember Bronco Lane , Rodger Colby. John Lewis all Cpl's and Sgt Card.

Thanks, Stephen Hartley

I was having a drink the other evening with old Pal, not RAF, and the subject of Gan cropped up.   Does anyone remember the Transport Command motto?   I seem to recall it was Ferrio Ferando (or something resembling that - in Latin) but the recognised translation - for anyone trying to get an indulgence flight to either Singapore or back to the UK was "F... off, we're full up!"
Happy days.
Kind regards


Hi there,
You seem to have a lot about the RAF and RAF personnel stationed at Gan Island but you don’t have anything about the other folks stationed there supporting the RAF.  My father was a RTG in the Royal Corp of Signals and was based at Gan Island in approx 1970 (sorry his memory isn’t so good nowadays so he can’t be exact….to much time in the NAAFI bar I think).  Was hoping there would be some stories from that time about other such as the Royal Signals on your website. 

Just thought I’d raise the point as these folks helped just as much as the RAF folks stationed there.

Mike Graham

Any ex Gan Army 'types' out there ?, grateful for all contributions.. Phil


Hi my dad served on Gan 73/74 he is called John Bennett he was a steward, did 9 months tour there, won the tramps fancy-dress that year. Some people say he looks like Clarke Gable. If anyone remembers him can they get in touch.


Linda Gartland
45 High Street
Catterick Village
North Yorkshire

many thanks, Linda

My name is Ken Graham I was on Gan Nov 74-Aug 75, I am looking for an Driver that was there same time Cpl Andy Mckergan last heard of after Gan was at Stanbridge then St Athan, I will send some photos have a few but got to get into the loft.

Ken Graham


Just looked at some of your photos the ones Colin Hall posted for Gan 73/74. I know some of the people in them! Can you please give me Colin's email!! please!! I was in the catering section at this time! I remember Bronco Lane , Rodger Colby. John Lewis all Corporals and Sgt Card.

                 Thanks Stephen Hartley 

Hi, My name is Les Spearman and I was stationed on Gan 1973-74. You have some photographs taken by Kevin Dowling (He's got the years wrong). I wonder if you by chance have an e-mail address for him as I haven't seen him since 1974 and it would be nice to contact him. 

Many thanks  


I would be too pleased to contact anyone who know Sheikh Saadi  of Gan Library (Feb 1970-Nov 1972),. I was also the Production Manager of GIP.  You can see my name on the last two issues of GIP that is on the Gan Website. In the later issues of GIP I have also written articles, and I was "Man of the Month" interviewed by Squadron Leader Lambe, Education Officer, RAF Gan.

Sharafuddeen Saadi Sheikh


Hi,  I've just this minute discovered the Gan website, been put on to it by a friend.  I was a flight engineer on VC10's circa 1972/76 and always enjoyed a stopover there.  Yes, I know I had a different agenda to the poor b******s that were stationed there!!!  Looking through the pics on the site, I saw Dave Graham on a photo, > 022 J Giles<, Does anybody remember him, or know his whereabouts now?  I'd love to get in touch. This would have been probably 1975 or 76.  Maybe someone might even remember me, I used to take crates of fresh eggs out to the Sgt's Mess, and quite often take home live coral fish that I'd caught during my stopover !

Kind regards,  MAC.

Hi there,
I had the "Pleasure" of spending a year on Gan in 1962, things then were very different but thoroughly enjoyable. It's nice to see all the old stories from all that have been there, and even better to see that it is still a thriving island.We had many a good nite in the NAAFI or even better in the Beach Club where new comers (moonies) were told that that was the only place on the island where you could watch the telly. Having walked the length of the island only to find it shut, they returned to the NAAFI and got laughed at, (being polite there).Have so many happy memories of this place. 

Just one last question, does anyone remember "Sweaty Betty" the only white lady on the island, she was a star, but only for officers.
Please reply

George (469251)

I had a call on Saturday from a guy called Des Taylor. He had seen my advert in the RAFA magazine 'Air Mail' regarding day trips to Gan and he wanted to pass me some info that may be of interest to us Gannites.He said that when RAF Gan closed down, all the Mess trophies were shipped back to the UK and they ended up adorning the walls of the RAFA Swindon branch. He didn't know the reason why they were there, but thought that others may be interested in their historical significance.
I don't if this is known in the ex Gannite community, but a note on your web page might be useful for anyone doing research and I'm sure the RAFA wouldn't mind anyone popping to have a look, and a few beers!!!

Andy Knowles

Hi   In your gallery [B. Cleverly Photo Gallery, Photo 0079] you have a picture of a man sat on a bed writing a letter. I am almost certain that its my Dad, Michael Kenny, Any chance you can confirm or deny this? :)

I'm pretty sure its him, he still sits like that and his hair is still exactly the same!


Tony Kenny - Son of a Gannite. From what I've heard, wish I was there myself!


Wondering if any of the RAF Catering Flight Gan1959/60/61 might be around

Jim Currie Ex Sgt RAF Catering Branch

I am trying to research a Catalina or Sunderland wreck off Kelaa – I aim to be part of an expedition to survey it next year – any ideas about what it was.  I am already in contact with the Catalina Association.


David B Ball

Tel & Fax: 01296622378

Mobile: 07717221780

I spent many detachments to the Far East between 1965 and 1969 at RAF Gan , staging through our Avro Vulcan B2 bombers on their way to and from Singapore and Malaysia .  Many years later , I was serving with the Sultan of Oman's Air Force at Salalah in Oman .  Around 1976/1977 a detachment of British Royal Engineers were sent from Salalah to Gan to destroy the airfield and buildings and disable the entrances into and out of the Addu Atoll so that the Russians could not use Gan as a base in the Indian Ocean .  We were never informed of their progress on Gan , except that they were repatriated by sea by the Royal Navy after their mission .  I was until today on visiting your site , under the impression that Gan had disappeared beneath the waves so to speak forever .  I know of many friends here in  South Africa who have visited the Maldives in recent years , ( many of them ex-Gannites ) and have drawn a complete blank when enquiring  about Gan Island .  Can anyone enlighten me as to what disablement the detachment of Royal Engineers from Oman succeeded in doing in 1976/1977 ?
P.O.Box 209,

I don't know if you can help I served with the Royal Navy in Singapore circa 1965 and we flew out from Lyneham one of our stops was Gan we flew on I think a Bristol Britannic 4 prop plane but the pilot made a crash landing at Gan no one was badly hurt and we all had a few days sunning ourselves on the beach my question is do you or any of your colleagues have any recollection or photo's of this accident if so I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time

Dave Pearson

I was in Gan from 71-72.  I remember British Eagle Brits visiting on the odd occasion.  I can't remember if there were any Monarch Airways flights passing through.

I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me if this was so and secondly does anyone have any photos of the same?


Dave Massey


I used to know a Loadmaster ( WRAF type ) called Jane Conellan. I know she married a steward in about 73/74 and may have moved to the Lincoln area.I
I heard she had started a business to do with antiques.
If anyone, especially from 10 Sqn knows of her whereabouts I would be grateful.


Terry Joint

My Dad, Bill Lloyd, (now in his 70s) was in Gan 1970/71 - a civilian working for MPBW/DOE.  Anyone who remembers him please e mail me.  Also anyone who has any news of Tutu Didi from Hithadu who also worked on Gan in the 70s, please let us know.


e-Mail Rose


Chris Baughurst's  late grandfather was posted to RAF Gan in the 60's...unsure as to when though, but he was there when Princess Alexandra visited, as the family have a picture of him meeting her. 

If anyone knew him, please could you get in touch as I want to know more about him while he was in the RAF. 

His name was Flt Lt Norman Francis Smith, and he was a navigator on the Comet at one time, if that helps!!!! 

e-mail Chris

Ex-Masirah man Dave Cromb is trying to get a RAF Masirah website off the ground, if any of you out there that have any photo's, anecdotes, trivia etc., Dave would be very appreciative and glad to have them. So if you have any, dig them out.

e-mail Dave


My Dad was at Gan in the early 70s.  I guess he'd have been an LAC at the time, and his name was Colin Harrison. Does anyone remember him? If so, I would love to hear from them.  Please feel free to publish my email address and my "snail mail" address on the web page.

Many thanks, and with my very best wishes,

Greg Harrison
118 Court Road
CF11 6SE

Tel: - +44 (0)29 2039 4030
Mob: - +44 (0)7830 279547

e-mail Greg
Brian Raper..... Is trying to make contact with ex-Gannites Bill Kelly and Marty Rope who were out on Gan in 61/62 and worked in Commcen

Brian.. e-mail Bill Kelly  or  Bill Kelly [alternative]


My dad was posted to Gan in the late 60's (68, I think).
He was Flt. Lt. Alan Dennis Williams ("Willi"), and an admin officer/accountant. He used to send me regular copies of the Gan newsletter, and I remember he was interviewed briefly by Raymond Barret (BBC - Tomorrow's World etc.) for a radio/TV programme.

Does anyone remember him? He died in 1998.

Funnily enough, he did a tour in Singapore (Changi) in the early sixties, and we stropped off at Gan on the way back to the UK - to refuel one of those new-fangled VC10 thingies.
I can still see it today -
and was able to visualise where he was on that tour.
He was repatriated early due to illness, but was pleased 'cos he avoided paying duty on his Seiko watch (which I have, and which still works!!).

Nigel Williams

Allan McLachlan,

Regards an article at  http://www.gan.philliptsmall.me.uk/Memories.htm

Just would like to know two things.

1.Do you remember any one by the name Mr.Ahmed Didi of Meedhoo , Mr.Moosaa Anwar etc who worked in the medical laboratory?

2. Do you have any information about a ship called 'HMS Marloi'. The spelling may be wrong.

I am looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Abdullah Salih

You may read more at the following links


Hi There:

Just a quick enquiry on behalf of my father  William Leonard Halliwell, who was stationed on Gan / Hitaddu  in the 1960-61 timeframe, I guess he was a Warrant Officer at the time, if anyone knows him perhaps they could get in touch.

                      Martin Halliwell
                      Chief Technology Officer
                      SES ASTRA
                      L-6815 Château de Betzdorf
                      Tel: + 352 710 725 614
                      Fax: + 352 710 725 9828

On the right of this photograph is me. I was working at SASF that time.
I wonder if there is anyone who recognize me.

Also I am looking for Cpl Duffy, Cpl Brian Laurance, Cpl Hatchison,
Cpl Brown, and other Station Photographers who were working on Gan the
time I worked there.

Best regards to you all,             

H Najmy  & H Najmy
Tel: 960 783398

I was an air stewardess with British Eagle and we had to call at Gan 1n  1966
to drop off some engine parts and had a very enjoyable couple of  days. 
Indeed a few weeks later I received 2 painted coconuts, which our  postman found
very strange especially as they were unwrapped and he had to carry  them up 3
flights of stairs to my London flat.  Sent by Shaun.
I wondered if anyone remembered this fleeting visit.  I found the site  as I
tried unsuccessfully to find Gan on a map.
Paulette Turvey  E-MAIL

I have been reading notes from Alex 'Tich' Carrie (10/3/4) in which he mentions flying a Seleta 15/2/58.  I am trying to find out more about my late husband Harold John Phillipson who was involved in a flying boat crash (Sunderland? I think in Singapore) for which as I understand, had a petrol pontoon in its landing path.  I believe my husband also flew on Seletas. He was later awarded the BEM - as I have always understood for rescuing his skipper.
Any assistance you may be able to give me would be most greatly appreciated.
My husband was a very quiet person, and passed away 20 years ago - my son in particular would like to know of any information that may be recalled.

With kind regards, Elizabeth Phillipson. 

If anyone wishes to contact me and catch upon the good laughs and especially the football I don't know
if any of you remember me I was the ginger haired centre forward + D.J on radio Gan. No wiser are you? well I would appreciate it if anyone has a spare few minutes to contact me and if possible send any old photographs of Gan or the football team at that time.
Any mates out there who worked in siggies Commcen between 1971-72 also any siggies who worked in Singapore Changhi or Seletar?

Ken Borrett ex footballer looking for any contacts to put me in touch with old pals. E-Mail

As a passenger in Belfast XR 368 I remained overnight at Gan on 20 Dec 74 en route Woomera to Brize Norton. Could you please let me know what were the navaids at Gan? NDB, VHF DF, GCA??
Best wishes for 2005
Alfred Argent
8 Donald St
Highett 3190
Raymond Taylor..... Met Office 2.  I would be pleased to hear from anybody who can remember me.  I was the rather hairy bar officer of No2 Civilian Mess 1973 to 1976 John alias Chas Owen.....  GRSF 1967-1968 Looking for Ken LeGarde or Hamish Littlejohn Timber Woods or MacGraeme


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