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  Wainfleet   Lincolnshire   External Link
Waddington Open Lincolnshire AWAC External Link
Wartling Closed      
  Waterbeach Closed Cambridgeshire Fighter Station.. Handed Over to Army  
  Warton Closed      
Wattisham   Suffolk   External Link
Watton Closed Norfolk   External Link
  Weeton Open Lancashire No 8 School of Trade Training  
  Welford   Berkshire   External Link
  Wellesbourne Mountford Closed Warwickshire    
  Wendling Closed Norfolk   External Link
West Drayton Open West London, Middlesex Centre for consolidating information from the UK Defence Radar Stations and their link to the London Air Traffic Control. External Link
West Kirby Closed Merseyside ?   External Link
  West Malling Closed Kent   External Link
West Raynham   Norfolk   External Link
  Weston-on-the-Green Open Oxfordshire   External Link
  Weybourne Closed Norfolk    
  Winfield Closed Norfolk    
Wittering Open Cambridgeshire   External Link
Woodbridge Closed Suffolk   External Link
Woodvale   Lancashire   External Link
  Woolfox Lodge Closed Huntingdon ? Missile Site ?  
  Woolsington Closed Northumberland    
  Wroughton Closed Wiltshire   External Link
  Wythal Closed Worcestershire Special Signals Unit;  
Wyton   Cambridgeshire   External Link