Welcome to the Snippets page. It's success depends entirely on YOU! If you have a good yarn or story about something that happened on RAF Gan or Hitaddu, either to you or others, send `em in! It doesn't have to be funny, true or informational, just an interesting Gan tale. Good examples are shown below. All I ask is that its at least 2 paragraphs long. Let me know if you want me to edit it or leave it as it is, and also who you are, your rank/section on Gan, and if you want me to add your email address to your article. As I say, its up to you, so get writing!

The London Illustrated News

December 26th 1970

  Gan airport will be open for flights next year

(submitted by Larry Dodds)

  British have a 'Moral Responsibility' to regenerate Addu

(submitted by Larry Dodds)

  Air Mail

Summer 1972

  Newspaper Articles

submitted by Ian (John) Morrison
Christmas Show 1962, Programme David Lonergan  Lonely Airmen, Script   Trevor Wright   
"Shackleton's Don't Bother Me"   David Rose  RAF Quits Ceylon by John Morrison RAF News Article  by Kenneth Bayliss
Radio Gan Times, Jan 75  [PDF] by Brian Lewis "Going Native"  by Lorraine Lee "Tropical Tennent's Story"  by Mike Roberts
"Memories"  by Martin Birch "RAF Gan, Maldives"  by Yvonne Davis Welcome to Hulhule by Neil Moynihan
"Memories of Gan '60"  by Peter Geary "Gan Ramblings"  by Allen Britton Gan Chuff Chart  by Robbie Cozens
"A Maldivian Memory"   by Mike Butler World War Two Memories  by John Rankin "The Canoe"    by Jim Martin
Radio Gan Times [Programme] "Paradise Lost"   by Sheikh Saadi A Visiting Yank Oceanographer Recalls  by Bob Knox
Operation Concubine  by Alistair Currah A Return to Paradise ? by John Stephenson Memories of Gan '60 by Ken Hall
Memories of Gan '58   by Peter Falkner "Gan Memories"    by Wg Cdr Stone Gan - An Island of Intrigue "Sunday Leader" article
AMWD Memories  by Ray Halfacre 5001 Airfield Construction Sqn   by Alistair Currah Splashdown on the Equator   by John Cooper
Gan Revisited  2002    by Andy Knowles. Gan Revisited  2004   by John Gornall. The Brocklebank Connection   by Jim Pottinger
Britannia Problems !  by Vic Merrill Some Memories from 1959  by Ian Morrison. Threat of Invasion  by Brian Wilmer (Also see below)
Au Revoir to RAF Gan  by Stephen Clark "The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire"   by Peter Geary  Threat of Invasion  by Roy Hammett
The Story of the "British Loyalty"  by Mike Butler. Gan Revisited  2002 b y Ian Morrison. (Again!) Gan - A Short History by Alistair Currah (courtesy of Doug Herbertson)
"A Birds Eye View From The Ground"   by Frank Authers. Notice of Repatriation by Paul Hatton "The Gan Song"  by Tony Hole
A Gan Poem  From a Gan Island Post Final Sailing Club Competition, Sri Lanka 1975  by David Rose. "Danger Isle" submitted by Gp. Capt. Edwards
Memories of Gan '67-68   by John Beacock Memories of Gan '59    by Brian Spurway The Suvadive Revolt  by Michael O'Shea & Fareesha Abdulla
RAF Gan 'Rental' Agreement  by Gp. Capt. Edwards The GAN Sentence  by ANON.  
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