RAF Gan  September 1957 to September 1958

An article by Wing Commander Stone


Since the Spring 1997 Newsletter was published, I have heard from 3 members – Peter Selby, who served in R.A.F. Auxiliary Ship “SHENKING”, operating in the Maldives – Diego Garcia and the Indian Ocean.  I am indebted to him for giving me a lot of Wartime History of that part of the World!  Secondly – John Philbin, who served in Cyprus – as a NS/MBC – with me at 1153 MCU GLUGOR,  and thirdly, from Mick Wallis, MBC, at Gan with me.  This was a really lovely letter – plus some photos – which I am very grateful for!

Hopefully some more of my GAN crew will see the next Newsletter and write to me.  I promise to reply to any I receive.  One of my biggest regrets is losing touch with the Gan crews!

W/Commander E.N. Stone M.B.E. M.Mar., R.A.F. Ret.

RAF Gan 1957 - 1958

Marine Craft Section Christmas 1957

Back Row

Rocks Ball Whiston Howard Cpl Perry Cpl Janes Sgt Oliver Flt Lt Stone FS Robertson Wilson Sowry
(MBC) (MBC) (M. Mech) (MBC) (Boatwright) (Cox 2) (Mar Fitt-Ch.Eng (OC) (Cox1 - NCOIC) (Cox 2) (MBC)

Middle Row

Cpl Sandy Davidson Cpl Dingwall Hawkins
(Mar. Fitt - Sitting) (MBC) (Cox 2) (MBC)

Front Row

Lavender Wilson Court Flower Preston Dixon
(MBC) (MBC) (MBC) (Mar. Mech) (MBC) (Mar. Mech)

MBC – Motor Boat Crew     Cox 1&2 – Coxswain     Mar Fitt – Marine Fitter     Mar Mech – Marine Mechanic   Boatwright (Chippy)


M.C.S. – R.A.F. GAN – SEPT. 1957 – SEPT. 1958

Sgt Knox - Coxwain 1 (RTTL 2679)
Cpl Janes - Coxwain 2 (RTTL 7215)
Cpl Dingwall - Coxwain 2 (LCM 7036)
SAC Wilson, BEM - Coxwain 2 (LCM 7120)
Cpl Perry - Boatwright
SAC Wilson J.
SAC Wilson R.
SAC McAulley
SAC Smith
SAC Rocks
SAC Sykes
SAC Preston
LAC Court
LAC Sowerby
LAC Lavender
LAC Birch
LAC Davidson

Sgt Oliver - Marine Fitter
Cpl Bailey - Marine Fitter
Cpl Sandy - Marine Fitter
Cpl Parsons - Marine Fitter
J/T Wright - Marine Fitter
SAC Osborne
SAC Ball
SAC Radcliffe
SAC Dixon
SAC Wallis
SAC Weston
SAC Howard

Total 31


3 LCM; 1 RTTL; 2 Bomb Scows; 2 Marine Tenders; 1 Wireless Tender; 1 Inboard Dinghy.

TOTAL CRAFT: 9  (Minus 1 Wireless Tender – which Sunk).

L.C.M. Crews: 1 Cox 11; 2/3 MCB's; 1 CPL Marine Fitter, + 1 Marine Mechanic.


RAF Gan 1957 – 1958

Under weigh.  Sgt Paddy Knox & CO MCU

RAF Gan 1957 -1958

Christmas Eve 1957. An “All Off” from the lads

RAF Butterworth Penang 1960

The Earl of Bandon, AOC in C, F.E.A.F

saying goodbye to OC MCU Gan before
his return to the UK.

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