The Gan Sentence

272   Arrived Today, Bloody Hell It's Hot
271   Sleepy, Sweaty and Lonesome
270   Arrived, What a Place to Work
269   Can't Find Anyone I Know Here
268   Found Two Old Mates Propping Up Bar
267   Had a Lot to Drink
266   God What a Hangover
265   Got Moony Chain Today, Boy What a Thrash
264   Everybody Holds Their Nose When I Pass
263   Very Sad
262   Can't Understand the Gan Language Yet
261   What's a Gizzet or a Monk ? Hav'nt Seen Any Monkeys
260   Went Swimming Today - Bad News
259   In Sick Quarters For Sun Burn
258   I'm Sure I'
257   Started Getting Stickies Today
256   Went To Library Today - No Porn Though
255   Have Started To Drink Rather Heavily
254   Went On Trip To Hittadu - Real Bad News
253   Invited to Play a Sport, Broke Big Toe
252   Got Drunk, Stubbed Broken Toe, Deary Me
251   Don't Like It Here
250   Even a Prisoner Gets Time Off For Good Behaviour
249   Got Called a Moony Eight Times Today, Unhappy
248   Can at Last Understand Language
247   Don't think I Can Hack it
246   Went Swimming Again Today, No More, Might Go Rusty
245   Went to a Bar-B-Q and Got Pissed
244   Still Pissed
243   Can't Believe How Long I Have Still to Do
242   Roomboy Keeps Wanting Gizzets
241   Going to Learn to Speak Maldivian
240   No I'm Not
239   Bought a Case of Beer, Put it Under Bed --- Gone
238   Big Monk On
237   Still Big Monk On
236   Found Empty Case, Not Happy
235   Where Have All the Short Days Gone
234   Five Days and No Stickies
233   Maybe Wife Has Run Off With The Milkman
232   Got Six Stickies Together, Bloody Postal Service
231   I Think the Wife has a Lodger
230   Going Very White Again, Must Be a Bar Tan
229   Have Noticed That the Sun Never Moves Here
228   Walked Around the Island, slowly
227   Bloody Big Blisters Having
226   New Moonies Arrived in Section, Happiness Having
225   Nobody Has That Long to Do
224   Got Really Pissed Last Night
223   Think I'll Go POSB and Start Saving
222   Changed Mind
221   Saw a Bus Load of Females, Nearly Fell in Drain
220   Rained All Day Today
219   Rained All Day Today
218   Rained All Day Today
217   Must Be a Plot So That You Cannot Watch the Sun Moving
216   Saw the Sun, Got Pissed to Celebrate
215   Went to Astra, OOOH Nooddy Ladies, Had a Reaction
214   Dreamt of Naked Beer Bottles All Night
213   Astra a Waste of Beer Money I'm Told
212   Still Getting Called a Moony
211   Got Smashed
210   Ten Days and I'll Be in the Hundreds
209   Started Crying When I Realised How Long Left
208   I Wanna Go Home
207   Tried to Stowaway on VC10
206   Got Caught When Skirt Slipped
205   Told I Was a Naughty Boy and to Settle Down
204   Heap Big Monk Having
203   I Really Do Not Like This Place
202   Had a Big Piss-Up Last Night
201   Nobody Rides a Bike Up a Palm Tree
200   Have I Only Been Here That Long
199   Tried to Rape Roomboy
198   Roomboy Tried to Rape Me
197   Can Still Remember a Female, Getting Hazy Though
196   I Wonder if the Sun Ever Moves
195   Beginning to Like the Taste of Charlies
194   Went to a Gozome, Got a Monk on
193   Got Drunk
192   Got Drunker Still
191   Moved Bed to Nearest Monny Drain
190   Rained Today, Found Bed in Lagoon
189   Received Bill From M.C.U.
188   Distinctly Saw the Sun Move Backwards
187   Got Called a Moony Again - Big Monk
186   Got Drunk
185   Bought Radio From NAAFI
184   Sold Radio Bought Beer
183   No Stickies Today, Monk Having
182   Put in For Choice of Posting
181   Hacked the Island, Got Bloody Burnt Again
180   Found Marine Bar, Got Drunk
179   Decided to Change Habits Went to RAFA Club, Drunk Again
178   Pink Octopus in My Room Won't Move
177   Sun is Definitely Going Backwards
176   Got Gizzet Parcel, Sold Contents for Beer
175   Got Three Bills and a Dear John, Bloody Big Monk On
174   Pissed
173   Pissed Still
172   Woke Up in Favourite Monny Drain
171   Got Bicycle
170   Fell Off Bicycle, Sold it Bought Beer
169   I'll Never Live to Get Off This Bleeding Island
168   Missed Leave Draw Again
167   Got Smashed
166   Went Swimming Scared a Shark
165   Went Into Sick Quarters for Shark Bite Treatment
164   Pissed Off
163   Stood Outside Blue Lagoon Letching
162   Plaster Came Off Today, Got Pissed
161   Had Request Played on Radio All Happy
160   Request for Wrong Person, Got Pissed
159   Got Get Well Card From AA
158   Guiness Book of Records Want My Name
157   Told Them to Get Stuffed, Got Pissed
156   Bought New Shreddies
155   Roomboy Pinched New Shreddies, Monk On
154   Saw Sun Move, I Think ?
153   Got Asked to Extend Tour, Now in Guardroom
152   What's the Penalty for Striking an Officer
151   Pleaded Insanity
150   Plea Rejected Got Monk on
149   Padre Got Me Off, Joined Church, Gizzet Wine Having
148   Got Pissed on Wine Padre Got Monk on
147   I Really Do Like the Guardroom
146   Freedom Having
145   What's a Nice Boy Like Me Doing Here
144   Got Called a Nice Boy, Thumped the Bastard
143   Hacked Island at Night, Got Lost
142   Played With Police Dog
141   Went Into Sick Quarters for Dog Bite Treatment
140   Covered Mouth in Toothpaste, Doctor Got Monk on
139   Kicked Out of Sick Quarters, Got Pissed
138   Humpers Day Tomorrow
137   Tis Humpers Day
136   Feel a Monk Coming on
135   Must Control Urge to Smash Someone in the Mouth
134   Sneered at a Moony Today
133   Must Not Sneer at Moonies Again Was One Myself a Hundred Years Ago
132   Thought About Sex Again Today
131   Must Not Think About Sex Get Excited
130   Have Given Up the Demon Drink
129   Hate Everybody
128   Jeeze
127   Wonder What Wife Looks Like
126   Another Monk Building Up
125   Still in Treble Figures
124   Why am I Being Punished
123   Oh 123 That Calls for Celebration
122   Must Really Stop Drinking
121   Pass the Aspirins
120   The Sun Has Definitely Stopped
119   Days Are Getting Longer
118   Indulgence Draw Not Having
117   Wish I Was in Double Figures
116   This Calendar is Lasting a Long Bloody Time
115   Laughed at New Moony Today
114   Must Control These Animal Urges
113   Read Sex Book Today
112   Wonder If I'll Still Like Sex
111   All the Ones Another Good Reason for a Piss Up
110   Must Really Stop This Drinking
109   Seen Pink Elephant Today
108   What's That Funny Smell, Moonies are Burning
107   Building Aeroplane, Must Get Out of This Place
106   Sold Aeroplane Bought Beer With the Money
105   Effin Fed Up
104   Running Low on Shreddies
103   Practiced Behaving Like Human Being Found it Hard Though
102   Sure That Suns Going Backwards
101   Must Take Up a Sport
100   Down to a Ton Thought That Would Never Come
 99   Man Was I Stoned Last Night
 98   Received Commendation From Carlsberg Brewery
 97   Send for Clothes to Wear When I Go Home
 96   Wonder if Wife Will Still Like Me
 95   Gave Up Charlies Last Night Got Stoned on Vodka
 94   Must Get Chitty Box
 93   Back on Charlies
 92   Forget Chitty Box
 91   Checked Passport Gee Whiz Did I Ever Look That Sober
 90   Sounds Like a Jail Sentence
 89   It is a Jail Sentence
 88   Didn't Drink at All Last Night Felt Miserable this Morning
 87   Shouted Abuse at Moony Today
 86   Get Jabs Up to Date
 85   Get Lecture on How to Behave in UK Today
 84   Practice Wearing Shoes
 83   Got Called a Pisshead Today All Upset
 82   Think Maybe I am a Pisshead
 81   Buy Gozome Presents
 80   Sell Gozome Presents Buy Beer
 79   Monks Quite a Lot These Days
 78   Down to Two Pairs of Shreddies
 77   Must Hack it
 76   On Repat Chart
 75   Check the Blue Lagoon is Still There
 74   Crashed Out Before Reaching Blue Lagoon
 73   Must Not Crack Now
 72   Days Are Dragging Something Cruel
 71   Not to Worry it's Got to End Sometime
 70   But Bloody When
 69   Oh god Will it Never End
 68   Looked at Photo of Wife and Got Animal Urge Again
 67   Start Saving
 66   Checked Bank Book Mein Gott
 65   Far too Many Days in This Month
 64   Hope I Go a Few Days Early
 63   What Sadist Sent Me Out Here
 62   Seen Relief's Name on Orders Today Yahoo
 61   Sent For Sex Aid Book
 60   Sell Sex Aid Book Buy Beer
 59   Must Control Urge to Cry
 58   Not Happy
 57   Seen Moony Today Nobody Has That Long to Do
 56   Goddam Sun Has Stopped Again
 55   Hacking it a Bit Better Now
 54   Sent Letter to Lodger to Give Him a Months Notice
 53   Practice Doing up Shoe Laces
 52   Get Easily Excited Now When Seeing Aeroplanes
 51   It's Not Never Going to Come
 50   Come on Sun Get Moving a Bit Faster
 49   Practice Saying Please and Thank You Again
 48   Get Chitty Box Again
 47   Wonder if I will be Frightened Crossing Roads
 46   Big Monk on All Me Mates Starting to Disappear
 45   Great Joy in Shouting at Moonies
 44   Paint Chitty Box
 43   Must Get a Grip on Myself Keep Thinking of Breasts and Thighs
 42   Start to Shave Every Day Now
 41   Buy New Razor
 40   Keep Old Razor Sell New One Buy Beer
 39   Where is Me Bleeding Flight Date
 38   Find it Hard to Control Animal Urges
 37   Oh God is it Never Going to End
 36   Is That the End in Sight
 35   Repair Flipflops Not Buying New Ones at This Stage of the Game
 34   Nearly Had Thrombo Looking at Days to do Yesterday
 33   Must Start Panic Tanning
 32   Must Start Tanning Never Get a Tan in Bar
 31   Got Flight Date Got Pissed
 30   It's Coming Near
 29   Practice Jumping Out of Taxi and Pulling Wife Upstairs
 28   Forget About Pulling Wife Upstairs
 27   Lodger Moves Out Next Week Hope He Found a Nice Place
 26   Practice Doing up Flies
 25   Pack Chitty Box
 24   Send Chitty Box
 23   Check on Position of Blue Lagoon
 22   Be Nice to Movements People
 21   Set Date For Gozome Piss Up
 20   Did Not Think I Would Really Hack it
 19   Practice Running Down Jetty
 18   Sort Out Gizzets
 17   Final Lecture and Notes on How to Behave in UK
 16   Dust Suitcase
 15   Have a Practice Run at Clearing
 14   Send Crate of Charlies to Movements Staff
 13   Panic Tan
 12   Practice Pack
 11   Way Up Repat Chart
 10   Gozome Party
  9   Get All Credits Fixed Up
  8   Sell Flipflops
  7   Gaze Excitedly at VC10's
  6   Have Run Clean Out of Weeks
  5   Write Last Letter
  4   Get Haircut Keep Boss Happy
  3   Burn All Porny Mail Received Over Past 9 Months
  2   Clear Today Gone Tomorrow
  1   Board Aircraft Kiss Pilot
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